Data retention in Belgium

Under suveillance

At the end of 2013, Belgium passed a law forcing communication providers to retain certain data about the behavior of their customers. This means information about you, every physician, lawyer, journalist, elected representative... about each and every Belgian citizen. Providers of fixed or mobile telephony, Internet access, etc. have a legal duty to retain data - such as : who calls whom, for how long, from which device, from where... - for a year.

This massive collection of personnal data endangers a series of fundamental rights and freedoms : the right to privacy, the freedom of assembly and association, the freedom of movement, the freedom of speech, the professionnal secrecy and confidentiality of sources.

The Liga voor Mensenrechten, the Ligue des droits de l’Homme and the Net Users’ Rights Protection Association (NURPA) have decided to complain together before the Constitutionnal Court to obtain the cancellation of this law. It treats each one of us as a potential criminal, substitutes the presumption of culpability with the one of innocence and undermines the basic human rights and liberties that are the foundation of a democratic society.

This website gathers all useful informations for the understanding of this issue.

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Today, we have a unique opportunity to remind our elected representatives that George Orwell’s « 1984 » book was a fiction novel, not an instruction manual.

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He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.

Benjamin Franklin