Data retention in Belgium


The right to privacy is invaluable. Yet, the complaint we have filed in order to obtain the cancellation of the Belgian data rentention law comes at a cost that the Liga voor Mensenrechten, la Ligue des droits de l’Homme and NURPA, couldn’t bear on their own.

The money raised will help cover the fees of our lawyer, Raf Jespers from “Progress Lawyers Network” and author of the book “Big Brother Europe”, throughout the procedure. We aim at reaching our 5000 € goal within 10 weeks.

The legal battle that lies ahead of us is a long one. As a first step, the parties will have to submit their arguments in a written form, and will then plead before the twelve judges of the Belgian Constitutional Court. Finally, the latter will deliberate. However, their decision should not be expected before 2015.

If the Constitutional Court finds the data retention law to be in violation of the Belgian Constitution, the legislator will have to re-examine the issue.

Every penny counts.

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